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Welcome to Year 2

As your child enters into their final year as part of Key Stage 1, we aim to support them as best we can on their journey to become truly independent learners and workers.  Our yearly curriculum is packed full of exciting opportunities, read more about this below:


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General Timetable

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Early Bird Activities Early Bird Activities Early Bird Activities Early Bird Activities Early Bird Activities
Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship
Phonics Phonics Phonics Phonics Phonics
English English English English English
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
Group guided reading Group guided reading Group guided reading Group guided reading Group guided reading
Music Humanities RE Science Art/DT
PE Humanities ICT Science PSHE


Teachers communicate with staff using Seesaw and when your child joins the class a parent invite will be given to open this line of communication.


Each day begins with a phonics and spelling rule session which is designed to meet the needs of the individual child and how far along they are on their phonics journey. Handwriting sessions are held weekly to develop a child’s fine motor skills and specific time is set aside to develop understanding of reading, fluency and decoding skills.  This may be 1:1, whole class or group situation.  Children are expected to practise their weekly spelling list every evening as well as spending some time reading their reading scheme book.  Additional reading for pleasure books are also sent home for them to enjoy with an adult. 

Phonics and reading catch up is a focus for our class this year also as we prepare to take the Yr 1 Phonics Screening Check that was postponed from last academic year.

Parent meetings are held at the start of the year to inform them of the year ahead and the expectations within Year 2.



While exploring Mathematics, we aim to develop each child’s confidence and enjoyment of working with number while placing our activities within read life situations.  Beginning with place value, we then move on to the manipulation of concrete apparatus to develop our skills within the four rules of number.  All our pupils have access to the NUMBOTS app, an exciting online game that, with daily practise, develops their fluency in number recognition, place value and creating number statements.  This competitive site encourages our children to collect parts to make their character robot the best in the class!


 Autumn 1 Curriculum Information

This half term we are welcoming our children back to school with a short whole school topic based on World War 2 before moving on to our general curriculum themes.



Here we begin by exploring the class book: The Lion and the Unicorn by Shirley Hughes.  We will be focussing on our sentence writing skills as we create letters, diary entries and descriptive pieces.  Grammar and punctuation work looks in more detail at the past and present tense, noun phrases, full stops, question and exclamation marks.  Identifying statements, questions, commands and exclamations also will be introduced.


In this subject we aim to cover:

  • Place Value to 10
  • One more, one less
  • Ten more, then less
  • Greater and less than sign
  • Counting in 2,5 and 10
  • Addition of  single and two digit to single numbers



Here we begin by exploring life at school during and after World War Two through books, interviews and emails.  Examining diary entries and photographs will also help is to learn about the life of evacuees as they joined schools in the countryside.




Here we will be exploring humans and animals and their off spring.  We will be answering questions such as:

What do humans really need to survive?

Why should I exercise?

What effect does exercise have on my body?

What makes a healthy diet

Art / DT

We are really looking forward to celebrating Black History Month in October by exploring the art of Alma Thomas.  We wonder what her art inspired from nature makes you think of?




Our visiting sports coaches will certainly be keeping us active this half term as we develop our team building skills playing small sided team games.

Taking our pulse and noticing how  our bodies change in these lesson will also be explored.



As we explore our ICT curriculum, we will also be reminding ourselves of the importance of keeping safe on line.

Using the iPads helps us to explore the curriculum as well as developing our keyboard skills.



Year 2 love to sing and to make music and though the Charanga scheme we will be doing just that!  Finding and keeping simple beats while learning some popular songs will be preparing our voices for our upcoming performances.


Religious Education

Teaching and celebrating God’s word permeates through all of our lessons as we make links between this and the way we live our lives today.  In specific RE lessons, we will be investigating the bible, the different types of writing within and just why this books for Christians is so loved.



This half term’s Christian Value is : Friendship.

PSHE / Values

Celebrating the Christian values runs through every part of our school daily life, but through our PSHE lessons these are explored further as well as topical current issues and our feelings and responses to them. Understanding the British Values are explored and discussed.





Autumn 2 Curriculum Information

As we begin this very busy half term, we find ourselves investigating our local area through the eyes of a geographer.  What features of our famous village will we discover?


In Literacy, our studies are driven by our exploration of the text: The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson.  Factual information texts will be read and written alongside our enjoyment of the story as we learn about these beautiful nocturnal animals.

Our writing will be developed though the understanding of how commas are used in list sentences and how adverbs are created from useful adjectives.  Including co-ordinating conjunctions as we write will also be a focus feature.


In this subject we aim to cover:

  • Further addition including bridging ten when adding two digit and single digit numbers.
  • Adding a multiple of 10 to any two digit number.*
  •  Adding two, two digit numbers.
  • Introducing money and coin recognition
  • Introducing multiplication



Our Geography goggles will be worn by Year 2 as we examine maps and plans of our local area searching for different features of the land and develop our use of geographical language.


Here we will be exploring the habitats of a variety of animals.  Why do different animals need and choose different habitats?  How are they suited to the place where they live?  Do all animals need the same basic features of a habitat?

Art / DT

In this subject we will explore the more formal elements of art through repeating patterns and printing.  By experimenting with frottage, we will create personal pieces of the animals we are studying in our Science sessions.


Are you ready for some stretching and balancing?  Year 2 will be developing their gymnastic skills this half term as they practise techniques and create sequences.  Culminating in an expressive routine.


In ICT we will explore the use of the internet as a place to communicate and create friendships.  Who are our ‘online buddies’ and how do we keep ourselves safe online?


Year 2 love to sing and to make music and though the Charanga scheme we will be doing just that!  Finding and keeping simple beats while learning some popular songs will be preparing our voices for our upcoming performances.

Religious Education

In the lead up to Christmas, we ask ourselves who are God’s messengers and how did they bring the news of Jesus’ birth to Earth.  Why was this news so good and such a cause for celebration?



PSHE / Values

Remembering those who have given their lives in war will be our first focus here as we join in with the Remembrance Day service. 

Our whole school Christian value is: Hope.  How can we spread Hope and Understanding through our actions?






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